Team-Building Cooking Events

team building cooking events

The kitchen is a microcosm of the work world. The ability to meet deadlines, make decisions, and cooperate with others are elements as essential to success in the kitchen as they are to success in the board room. Our cooking events interconnect those shared characteristics, encouraging teamwork and communication, while building camaraderie and generating enthusiasm among your employees.

These events are also a productive and inspired way to entertain clients, reward key team members, celebrate a product launch, kick off a seminar, complement a business convention, and even recruit new employees.

And remember! You'll receive a delectable dining experience out of the exercise, as well.

The way it works:

We begin with a welcome reception of hors d'oeuvres. A demonstration of the menu if preformed, Your group is then divided into recipe "teams," each of which is coached by their own trained chef. After about one hour to hour and a half of hands-on cooking, team members relax and then enjoy a delicious meal, served by our staff.

We offer three convenient options for the location of your event:

  • We can bring our "kitchen" to your location.
  • We can host your event at a nearby partner kitchen facility.
    Examples - Sur La Table, Whole Foods ...
  • We can welcome you to our own professionally equipped Cooking Studio.

Team Building events are fun for everyone, from culinary neophytes to master chefs. Entertaining clients or employees at the same old club or restaurant doesn't compare to a cooking party.

Our team building cooking events last approximately 3 hours. We supply all the ingredients and tools, and each participant receives a set of recipes. Our team building events can accommodate lunch or dinner events 7 days a week for up to 25 guests. Our menus offer options for every taste and dietary preference and are easily customized. Once you've provided a Team Building Party Planner with details of your event, we'll provide you with a quote.

Our events are custom-designed and competitively priced to accommodate your goals and budget.

team building cooking events